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Why do we do it?  Why would I even post this blog in the first place?  What does it do for me?  Am I posting, sharing some strange introverted thoughts or ideas that I have no-one else to talk to about?  What are the chances of anything I say here even being read?  You have to ask yourself, If I type and post this blog, and noone ever reads it, will it ever really matter?  I guess if I feel better sharing some specific knowledge I have gained doing something in my life then I will post things.  But, what purpose does it serve other than me sharing my thoughts or experiences with the world? And who knows if anyone even cares about my thoughts or my expereinces. If my blog didn’t exist, and you weren’t here reading it, would it really matter?  I guess it all depends on your perspective of things.  If noone ever wrote a blog, and never posted it for anyone to read, then there would be no blogs and noone reading them, which would, yes, make things different.  So I guess on one hand my contribution to the digital world of information does mean something.  Obviously I’m in a weird mood today, but does it really matter? Not to you….

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