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Why hosting your website on Azure is better than hosting it anywhere else!

Gavin Stevens
Jul 15, 2018

The Microsoft Cloud offers huge advantages over other platforms to host your web based applications.  This article outlines several advantages to hosting your website or web application in Microsoft's Cloud. Multiple Deployment Slots Built into Microsoft's cloud is the ability to create "Deployment Slots" to stage your web content for testing. (Standard or Premium plan) You can create up to 5 slots, (think Dev, Integration, QA, Staging, Production) environments that allow you to isolate and test new versions of your website before going live.  (up to 20 slots in Premium!) Deploying a web app to a slot first and swapping it into production ensures that all instances of the slot are warmed up before being swapped into production. This eliminates downtime when you deploy your web app. Each slot gives you a unique Url to test this specific version of your web application.


This also lets you test new changes and updates without breaking your existing website.  You can simply swap slots with production to make your new version live! Dynamic Scaling How many servers do you have, how many do you need?  What if you want to do a big advertising campaign or social campaign, can your website handle the traffic?  Do you know it can?  Or are you guessing? Azure lets you Scale Up (add CPU and Memory) or dynamically Scale Out ( add additional servers) automatically or on a schedule.


This helps you make sure your website or application is highly available to handle inbound web traffic when needed.  Got an upcoming event?  It's nice to know that your website can automatically scale to meet that demand and you won't be wasting advertising dollars because your website is overloaded! Traffic Manager How are you treating your customers around the globe?  If you are selling a product or service online, you need to consider how well your website works in different regions around the world! Now only can Azure help you test how your site is actually performing from various locations around the world, it can help you scale your site geographically as well.


Azure CDN Microsoft Azure data centers also have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) built-in that you can utilize for your applications.  A CDN puts your website content, (images, videos, scripts, etc)  closer to the user geographically.  This enabled your website to load much faster as the needed resources to display your website can be distributed in different data centers around the world.


Proactive detection & Alerts Do you wait for your customers to tell you your website is down or not working properly?  By that time you will have lost plenty of business and maybe even customers! Azure has built in Proactive detection and alerting to notify you if there are problems with your website.  This helps you identify problem areas and key ways to make your website better!


I don't like Microsoft or Windows! Fine, be that way..  Does Apple have a service like this?  Nope.. It's ok to use your Mac, I understand.  You can still use Azure.. Azure supports .Net, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Java applications.  So you can host your stuff in Azure, but still use your Mac.  Happy?  It's just a laptop, get over it already.. Why wait any longer? The Microsoft Cloud continues to get better!  Microsoft has made huge investments in their cloud infrastructure and it's really starting to show! Move your website to the cloud today!  Don't wait any longer!  You can't afford to do business without the built-in tools and features of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Make the move, let Solid Cloud help!  We are Microsoft Azure Cloud Experts and would love to help you get the benefits the cloud can offer your business today. Gavin

Gavin Stevens

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