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Studying for Microsoft Exam 70-534

Gavin Stevens
Jul 15, 2018

I'm studying for the Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam 70-534 AKA.MS/certification/70-534

Here are some resources I used to study some parts of the test:

Transcender Sample test

Good overview video of the areas you will need to study2016 at Ignite: video

Some areas I need to study:Express Route Peering paths..  Public, Private, Microsoft, Not Supported, etc.

Good general azure documentation resource

Azure Service Fabric

Virtual Networks (a lot about ACLs, NSGs)

Azure Backup can you backup where, how many servers? cross region, etc. where to replicate the storage

Azure Site Recovery ( replicating workloads how? from where to where?)

Azure Backup vs some other tool (WLBAdmin, something) -windows 7 64windows 7 32windows 8 32windows 8 64windows 10 64windows server 64

Use what for what?

Table StorageQueue StorageBlob StorageFile StorageLocal data storagePremium StorageSystem Center, SCCMAll the services - Orchestrator, etc..

Azure ADMedia services EasyPlay encryption?PlayReadyScaling, 2 instance web app, 3 instance worker role, connected with queue,. how many queues? - 1 for each web, 1 for each service, competing consumers?

Gavin Stevens

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