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Gavin Stevens (MCPS, MCSD, MCTS)

Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect – November 2016
  • Senior developer with experience any many different industries and technologies.
  • Experienced people manager with strong communication skills.
  • Enthusiastic, driven individual with over 20 years of hands-on experience.
  • Wide technology background with complete Application Lifecycle Management experience and understanding.
  • Extensive experience with software builds, branching, legal requirements and product delivery.
  • Globally focused experience working with International teams & processes.
Experience Summary
Over 20 years of software development experience centered on developing client / server software systems. Industry experience spans Financial, Accounting, Construction, Computer Telephony, Healthcare and Computer Security. I’ve personally developed six copyrighted, shrink-wrapped software products, which are in distribution and being used today by thousands of users.

My background with database development, server components and windows services may make me particularly well suited to certain projects. I am very fluent in both C#.NET and Visual Basic.NET.

Hands on Experience

Azure - 7 yrs Stored Procedures - 14 yrs
Web Services - 10 yrs VBScript/Jscript/jQuery - 10 yrs
C#.Net                  - 12 yrs SQL Server 6.5-2012 - 14 yrs
ASP.NET - 7.75 yrs XML - 12 yrs
TFS 2008/2010/2012 - 8 yrs SQL Server 2000 - 5.5 yrs
jQuery - 4.75 yrs  LINQ - 3 yrs
WCF - 6 yrs HTML/ASP.NET 1.1/2.0/3.5 - 17 yrs
WPF - 1 yr Azure PaaS Services - 2 yrs
WWF - 2 yrs WinForms - 17 yrs

MCSD - Microsoft® Certified Azure Solutions Architect – Cloud Solutions
MCTS - Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Visual Studio® 2010 Team Foundation Server, Administration, .Net Framework 2.0, Web Applications, .Net Framework 2.0, Windows® Applications
MCSD - Microsoft Certified Solution Developer -- Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
MCAD - Microsoft Certified Application Developer -- .Net in VB.NET and C#.NET
MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional -- Certified Professional (Legacy)
UC Berkeley – Hardware Startup Accelerator Graduate - Nov 2015 – March 2016

About Me

I am a responsible, enthusiastic, hard-working, software engineer with a lifetime of experience and knowledge.

My brother and I competed on Season 1 of America’s Greatest Makers and won a $100,000 prize for our invention of the PowerBobber.

I love to golf and mountain bike in my free time.

Professional Experience
2013 - Present
MCSD Software, Inc. / Solid Cloud, LLC
Self-Employed Contract Developer
Contractor for FiREApps
Contractor for International Cruise and Excursions
Contractor for 360 Cloud Solutions
  • I’m an expert in Cloud based solutions. I have a lot of experience with Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3.  I have built and host many solutions for customers in Azure.
  • Azure Infrastructure, Load Balancing, VPN, High volume services.
  • Managed automation team backlog and acted as a Product Owner for the development team on CI and build automation infrastructure.
  • Worked as a contractor on Custom NetSuite javascript integrations for Infusionsoft, ThinkGeek and various other clients.
2009 - 2013 Lumension Security, Inc. Development Build Master
  • Manager of the Configuration Management department. Manager of a team of 6 to support the company’s configuration management processes. Manage TFS server for 150-250 user base across 5 satellite development offices worldwide. Manage entire release process from builds, versioning, copyrights, escrow, branching and build lab infrastructure. Act as product owner of scrum process managing & prioritizing a work backlog for the CM team of 6 engineers.
  • Automation Framework development - I architected and developed a web testing automation solution used by 25+ test analysts to write/run/manage automated tests. Framework is a very powerful, generic implementation layer utilizing Code Generation technology to fully automate a VMWare ESX/Workstation/LabManger, HyperV series of environments to run automated tests. The framework combined technologies from Microsoft, Selenium, Java and Powershell to provide an automation testing platform in which tests could be written and executed within.
2001 – 2010 MCSD Software, Inc. Self-Employed Contract Developer
  • CTO of CRM Integration Systems, I have been working on CRM/VoIP products part time for the last 4 years. I currently have 2 products in the marketplace, with hundreds of customers. I am the lead developer and architect of both products, website, WCF licensing services, etc.
  • Software engineer with Sage Software, worked on numerous software products for Sage including, ACT!, ACT! Link for Palm, ACT! for Web, Saleslogix. Developed automation system to automate backend processes.
  • Designed and developed an automated build localization kit to be used to localize and rebuild the ACT! application in many different languages and locales.
  • Project Team Lead with 3 developers, assisted with architecture design and developed web application for Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka. This Application allowed property developers to apply and request federal subsidy to assist in their housing development projects. Developed with VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Reporting Services and SQL Server 2000.
  • Project Team Lead with 3 contractors, Designed and Developed Enterprise class web application for Security Benefit Group. Application allowed users to manage and trade 401k securities. Developed with VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML Web Services, and SQL Server 2000.
  • Project Team Lead with 4 developers. Designed and developed Enterprise class Warehouse Lending application for multi-million dollar public Financial / Mortgage Service Company, NovaStar Financial, Inc. Designed with C#, ASP.NET, .NET Remoting, C# Windows Services, C# Web Services
  • Developed Corporate Financials Consolidation for publicly traded Real-Estate Investment Trust Company, NovaStar Home Mortgage. This application extracts data from a corporate accounting database system to create a consolidated income / balance sheet for 20 sub companies. It allows the accounting dept the ability to customize the formulas that dictate which accounting codes / categories apply to specific items on their financials. Designed with SQL Server 2000, C# WinForms, and Excel 2000.
  • Developed a real-time, streaming charting application to broadcast stock charting indicators to home users for Mann Financial. System was developed with C#.NET WinForms,VB.NET, TCP Sockets, and SQL 2000. This system utilized a multi-threaded server based data subscription service, which authenticated users and provided a real-time data feeds with which to populate the client’s charting application.
  • Developed a proprietary encryption / authentication system to secure and provide access to charting data. This system utilized XML Web-services, and a VB.NET client application for authentication. Distributed across multiple geographic locations with auto-updating systems integration. Designed with VB.NET WinForms, SQL Server 2000, FTP, and XML WebServices
2000-2001 Echopass Corporation SLC, UT VB/SQL Developer
  • Designed and Implemented low level communications interface with Nortel Meridian Phone switch, for collection of real-time phone switch communications. This project used a real-time data port on the phone switch to capture, analyze and record switch data.
  • Designed and Implemented scheduler application to automatically distribute scheduled reporting data to multiple clients in distributed environments. The Scheduler was built with VB.NET Windows Services, and allowed clients to receive reporting data in HTML, XLS, XML, TEXT, or PDF format.
1999 – 2000 Teleperformance USA SLC, UT Senior Database Developer / SQLDBA
  • Project Team Lead with 2 developers. Designed company wide record management system implementing 17 replicated SQL Servers across the US in separate call centers. Used 3 separate client programs for distributed management. This program acted as a Universal Data Translator for lead processors to manage the process of importing / modifying / storing / analyzing very large contact lead data files.
  • Managed the use / access control of 17 replicated SQL Server databases spread across a WAN in 17 separate locations. I was also in charge of analyzing / tuning queries and DTS packages that would be used on production servers
1996 – 1999 ABIS Scottsdale, AZ President / Owner
  • Lead developer of accounting / reconciliation system for 1 million + monthly membership for nationwide healthcare company, Pacificare Health Systems. Implemented in 4 states with 120+ simultaneous users. I managed the entire process from conception, design, infrastructure setup, to existing data conversion and training the users. This system was developed with SQL 6.5 and VB6
  • Designed / Developed multiple client / server applications for various industries (Telecommunications, Construction, Insurance, Finance, Accounting.)
  • Managed computer hardware/networking business.
  • Built Computers, provided on-site support/troubleshooting for local businesses in the Phoenix Metro Area
1994 – 1996 Pacific Communications Tempe, AZ VB Developer
  • Developed Fraud detection software, with VB5 and Access 95. This software was used to find / detect incoming fraudulent refund requests for payphone operations company.
  • Skills Used: C++, VB5, SQL, FoxPro, Access, VBA
1991 – 1994 Teleperformance USA SLC, UT IT Manager
  • Supervised 24-hour shift of operations, hiring, interviewing, etc
  • Skills Used: VB3, VB4, Unix, dBase, Foxpro, Access
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